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Boucherie is a traditional French brasserie and steakhouse, celebrating Joie de Vivre in the heart of New York. Chef Bill Brasile, a former Executive Chef of Minetta Tavern, prepares a menu of French classics and timeless bistro favorites, in addition to the dry-aged steaks. In addition to an extensive wine list and classic drinks, Boucherie offers a beverage program that boasts an inspired menu of absinthe-driven signature cocktails.

Our latest location, La Grande Boucherie aims to become a Parisian square in Midtown and one of the most authentically French dining destinations in Manhattan. Located at 145 West 53rd Street, the restaurant stretches the entire block of 6 ½ Avenue of the Americas. This one-of-a-kind brasserie is inspired by the elegant and ornamental Art Nouveau style, which evokes the optimism from the turn of the century, transported to present-day New York. The gallery (outdoor plaza) is stretching from the length of the block, open at each end, and features a soaring, arched skylight and a heated floor. This enables the restaurant to offer year-round outdoor seating options for 150 diners. Inside, La Grande Boucherie has been built to accommodate more than 400 diners in the dining room, bar and mezzanine areas.

Our West Village restaurant is located in the building that used to house the prominent Circle Repertory Theater, the 320-seat space provides a diverse array of dining options from the spacious dining room, a seat at the butcher counter, the intimate second-floor gallery with private dining and outdoor cafe.

Surrounded by walls of majestic wooden-framed mirrors and original Belle Époque posters, seating at our Union Square location varies among pristine white marble and wood bistro tables, cozy burgundy leather booths, a 32ft. handmade pewter bar, and an option for a 40-guest private room, to make the 222-seat restaurant feel timeless and intimate with vibrant, contemporary joi de vivre.

Located at the historic intersection of Christopher and Gay Streets, Petite Boucherie Bistro brings a touch of France to the cultured and eclectic neighborhood of West Village. An intimate window-laden, corner restaurant serves French classics pared with curated wine offerings, and it is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch. Petite Boucherie is inspired by the elegance of Parisian Belle Époque, and with a hand-crafted menu of timeless dishes, the intimate bistro serves as a community hub for engaging conversation.


Inspired by the simplicity of Neapolitan cuisine, Olio e Più brings Italian tradition to the vibrant intersection where Sixth and Greenwich avenues meet Christopher Street. First opened in the summer of 2010, the 74-seat restaurant fronted with a 45-seat open patio surrounded by flowers, overlooking the magnificent Jefferson Market Library. Olio e Più offers a true sense of Mediterranean liveliness in the heart of Greenwich Village. As an authentic trattoria, its cuisine is based on classic Italian dishes, with a focus on house-made pastas, hand-stretched pizza, and entrees like Branzino and Steak Fiorentina. The open dining area, traditional wood-fired oven, rustic interior, thin-crust Neapolitan-style pizza, and carefully selected wine and cocktail list bring a piece of old world Italy to a renowned corner in the Village.


As part of The Group’s passionate mission to create the finest dining experiences in NYC, Washoku Rooms aim to represent the ultimate offerings in high-end, exquisite Japanese cuisine. Encompassing Omakase Room by Mitsu and Kaiseki Room by Yamada, The Group is honored to showcase these two premier Japanese chefs of their craft in New York.


Kaiseki Room by Yamada immerses guests in a fully sensory dining experience – from the design of the intimate room to the gracious style of service, and the thoughtful progression of the visually mesmerizing, meticulously prepared tasting menu, which is inspired by the traditional zen tea ceremony. Led by kaiseki master chef Isao Yamada, formerly of the acclaimed Brushstroke, Kaiseki Room transports guests to another place, far from the bustle of the busy midtown neighborhood. Chef Yamada calls on his many years of experience preparing traditional kaiseki cuisine to constantly reinvent his seasonal dishes with contemporary preparations, presentations, and techniques, ensuring that guests always have a most unique experience. His signature dishes – donabe rice and hassun – undergo continual evolution as he seeks to source and showcase the finest ingredients at the peak of their freshness. The experience is inviting and hospitable, never austere. He derives joy from always presenting something new to his guests, who frequently return to try his latest creations.


Omakase Room by Mitsu provides an authentic experience of Japanese sushi tradition crafted and hand-served by Executive Chef Mitsunori Isoda. Bringing the century-old practices from his hometown of Osaka, where he founded and operated a kaiseki-style restaurant, to the warm and inviting atmosphere of Omakase Room, Chef creates a personalized 14-course omakase sushi experience. The intimate space evokes Japanese minimalist traditions by using organic shapes and refined essentials, creating serenity and harmony amidst the pace of the city. Featuring floor-to-ceiling soft bamboo surfaces, the 8-seat hinoki wood bar wraps around the kitchen allowing Chef Mitsu to serve from his hand to the plate.